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Civil & Infrastructure Division of CSCEC ME has received the Letter of Acceptance from DAMAC to be the Main Contractor for Akoya Oxygen (P106.07 & P106.08) Infrastructure Works Package 2-5 (547 Villas at cluster Aster & Coursetia and 902 Villas at cluster Odora, Zinnia & Sycamore). The total contract value is AED 117.5 Million which is equivalent to US Dollars 32 Million.

The project site is located at Phase 1 of the Employer’s master development at Al Yufrah 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The project consists of construction of infrastructure that serves the Employer’s master development ‘Akoya Oxygen’, which includes tiled pavement of approximate length 10.9 km, and the associated utility network along the roads.

This is the second contract awarded by DAMAC to Civil & Infrastructure Division since May 2016 to undertake the construction work in other sections of Akoya Backbone Infrastructure.

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