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About China

About China

“中国”现在国际上指“中华人民共和国”,位于 亚洲大陆的东部、太平洋西部。她是世界上人口最多的国家,也是四大文明古国之一,拥有五千余年传统文化和悠久文明史,曾建立诸多鼎盛强大的王朝。她同时拥有辽阔的土地、丰富的资源。不论过去还是现在,她都对人类做出了巨大的贡献,巍然屹立于世界的东方。现阶段的中国是联合国安全理事会常任理事国、世界第二大经济体、世界第一大出口国、世界第二大进口国,并拥有最多外汇储备,是经济成长最快的国家之一。

“China” the present internationally established as “the People’s Republic of China”, strategically located on the east of the western region mainland of Asia and Pacific Ocean. She is one of the world’s most populous countries, is one of the four big ancient nations, has 5000 years of traditional culture and glorious history of civilization, once renowned for many prosperous formidable dynasties. She simultaneously has the vast land and rich resources. Regardless of the past or present, she has made the tremendous contribution to humanity, stands rock-firm in the East of the world.

Today’s China of present stage is the UN Security Council permanent member and the world second largest economy, the world first biggest export State and world second largest importing country, and has many foreign exchange reserves,being established as one of the most rapid economic growth countries.